For The Man

Tailored to Male Aesthetics

Wood MediSpa offers a range of procedures specifically tailored to the male patient. Whilst many procedures involve the same underlying technique, the finer details differ dramatically between male and female patients. For example, in both males and females the goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the form and function of the nose. However, the approach diverges significantly between what is required to achieve a strong but refined masculine nose against what would be required to achieve a beautiful and balanced feminine nose. You can rest assured that our surgeons are experienced in working with male anatomy and aesthetics. 

Whilst historically there may have been stigma towards male candidates for plastic surgery, increasingly this is no longer the case. It’s okay to want to look your best! Men are now ever more inclined to seek treatments and procedures to regain a more youthful look and to improve their confidence and self image – whilst retaining the personality and masculinity of their features.

At Wood MediSpa, we offer male-specific versions of body contouring surgery, male breast reduction, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty and ear correction. Other treatments are also tailored to the male patient including non-surgical treatments.

Body Recontouring 

After significant weightloss, sometimes the skin has stretched beyond its elastic limit. Rather than shrinking, the skin simply hangs down in an unattractive way. Recontouring surgery helps patients to gain a better contour in the arms, thighs, buttocks, face, and neck. Men are built with broad shoulders and narrow hips: body contouring is performed in a way that respects the natural masculine figure. Where there is an excess of male breast tissue, surgery can rectify this. Gynaecomastia surgery removes excess skin and tissue from this area to sculpt a flatter, more masculine chest shape.

Despite weight loss, often large deposits of skin and fat remain in the neck area. It is possible to restore a satisfactory contour to these areas (see The Male Facelift and Necklift).

Male Liposuction

Fatty deposits under the skin can be reduced and reshaped through this ingenious technique which was first described around 40 years ago. Liposuction is most often used as part of other procedures, such as neck liposuction in a facelift, or to the abdomen and flank regions in abdominoplasty.

Wood MediSpa offers PAL and Vaser liposuction, alongside Reunion skin tightening technology. HD Lipo is the leading technique for liposculpture and exposes your existing muscle tone and detail, giving a naturally sculpted athletic look.

In male-specific liposuction, the procedure is performed in a way that preserves the natural masculine figure.

The Male Rhinoplasty

The nose takes pride of place in the middle of our faces, dominating the appearance from front and side views. It lies directly between our eyes and is often the focus of attention as our eyes flit from one side of a person’s face to the other during conversation. The nose enjoys a disproportionate degree of influence on our appearance and, whether we like it or not, we all subconsciously compare differing proportions of the nose to other facial reference points when deciding on the attractiveness of a person.

The male nose has a higher radix, greater dorsal projection and a more acute columello-labial angle. The male rhinoplasty should respect these factors.

The Male Face, Jawline & Neck

Gravity causes drooping of the soft tissues in the face and neck, leading to ptosis (drooping) of the brow and cheek and also the formation of jowls and loose folds of skin. In addition to this the full fat pads of youth shrink causing a hollowed appearance in some patients.

The male facelift enables facial rejuvenation whilst maintaining the strong, masculine features of the face. Techniques are used to ensure the most natural-looking results to ensure a highly natural outcome, retaining the patient’s masculine features, and has little to no visible scarring. Loose skin in the jawline and neck area can be tightened to create a more defined and youthful silhouette.

The Male Eye Area and Brow

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is one of the top procedures for men, addressing drooping upper lids, puffy lower lids, or both lids at the same time. This surgery refreshes the face and gives a more youthful, awake appearance whilst ensuring a natural and not ‘over done’ look.

Canthopexy, cheek implants, midface lift, brow lift and forehead lift are all procedures that can help refine and rejuvenate the face in cases where a full facelift is not necessary.

Ear Reshaping

Large, uneven or protruding ears can be the source of self-consciousness for men, especially where this cannot be disguised by longer hairstyles. 

Otoplasty procedures include earlobe reduction, earlobe reconstruction, ear height reduction and the correction of prominent ears. These procedures can often be carried out under local anaesthetic. 


Non-Surgical Treatments

A range of non-surgical treatments are available at Wood MediSpa including correction of thread veins, laser hair removal, chemical peels, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, and endermologie.

Functional Hand Surgery

Mr McDiarmid is a fellowship trained hand specialist. For many years he ran the hand service at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth as the only fellowship-trained specialist. He undertook this training at the world famous Christine M Kleinert Instutute for Hand and Microsurgery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in 1999/2000. He offers treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome (surgical and non-surgical), cubital tunnel syndrome, dupuytren’s contracture (palmar fibrosis) and basal thumb joint osteoarthritis.