Facial Surgery

Improving and Rejuvenating

Rebalancing Features   

In Western society, our faces are the only exposed part of our body throughout the entire year. Sometimes we have features that are disproportionate or that have been injured. Aesthetic surgery can help to balance the relative proportion of facial features and lessen the visual impact of old injuries.

Facial Rejuvenation

With advancing years, the soft tissues of the brow, face and neck sag creating shadows and folds – we now know that the catalyst behind this process is loss of underlying fat volume. This process can happen in a more accelerated way in individuals with certain bone structures, skin and collagen subtypes. Additionally, our skin thins and loses collagen and elastin content producing crepiness, lines and wrinkles. With so much going on, in order to achieve the best, most natural looking and sustained result, a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation must be taken.

Holistic Approach  

This normally starts with non-surgical treatments usually delivered by injection in the form of neurotoxin and/or fillers. Skincare using Vitamin A ‘retin’ derivatives improves the quality of the skin and can also boost the results of a chemical peel. Chemical peels and lasering can help with pigmentation, skin tightness, lines and wrinkles. Conventional lifting procedures (face/brow/neck) are a sine qua non for achieving global rejuvenation. For best results lifting is often combined with carefully selected facial implants which predictably restore volume in the mid-face and lost projection in the chin if required. Injected fat cells (fat transfer) is also an excellent option for deep volume restoration in areas of the face where implants cannot be used (around the eye, the corner of the mouth and lips).

Personalised Care

The face of every patient has its own unique story. Our aim is to provide honest advice regarding the safest and most effective treatment or treatment combinations on an individual basis thus achieving a bespoke treatment plan.


The nose takes pride of place in the middle of our faces, dominating the appearance from front and side views. It lies directly between our eyes and is often the focus of attention as our eyes flit from one side of a person’s face to the other during conversation. A coarse or prominent nose may overshadow a naturally attractive face and draw the focus of our gaze away from beautiful eyes or an otherwise harmonious face.

The nose enjoys a disproportionate degree of influence on our appearance and, whether we like it or not, we all subconsciously compare differing proportions of the nose to other facial reference points when deciding on the attractiveness of a person.

Facelift and Necklift

Gravity causes drooping of the soft tissues in the face and neck, leading to ptosis (drooping) of the brow and cheek and also the formation of jowls and loose folds of skin. In addition to this the full fat pads of youth shrink causing a hollowed appearance in some patients.

Browlift, facelift and necklift are three procedures which may be performed individually or in harmony with one another to produce an aesthetic rejuvenation of the face.

These ‘lifting’ operations are without doubt the most operator dependent procedures in plastic surgery. In other words the success of these operations are the most dependent on the skill of the surgeon.

Eyelid Treatments

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) addresses drooping upper lids, puffy lower lids, or both lids at the same time. This surgery refreshes the face and gives a more youthful, awake appearance whilst ensuring a natural and not ‘over done’ look.

Canthopexy, midface lift, brow lift and forehead lift are all procedures that can help refine and rejuvenate the face in cases where a full facelift is not necessary. Fat transfer or cheek implants can be used to restore volume.

Lip Augmentation

Although the lips can be enhanced temporarily or permanently it is always a good idea to try a temporary form of lip augmentation first before deciding on a permanent option. Many of the filler materials currently available are usable in the lips with good predictable results.

Permanent methods of lip augmentation involve either the use of fat taken from other parts of the body or using externally derived materials.

Ear Re-shaping

Large, uneven or protruding ears can be the source of much self-consciousness. The ageing process can also be seen in the earlobe as it loses elasticity and droops.

Otoplasty procedures include earlobe reduction, earlobe reconstruction, ear height reduction and the correction of prominent ears. These procedures can often be carried out under local anaesthetic.