Breast Surgery

Refining the Silhouette 

Breast Surgery 

Breast surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Some women feel that their breasts have lost volume and firmness with age, and others find that their breasts are affected by pregnancy weight changes. Breast augmentation helps restore volume and can also enable the correction of congenital differences in breast size. A breast reduction can assist when the breast is considered to be too large and causes discomfort.

At Wood MediSpa, we have selected a range of trusted suppliers to provide high quality implants. Implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be inserted either above or below the muscle. Your surgeon is best placed to advise you of what procedure and implant would suit your anatomy to achieve your desired outcome. 

Breast Mastopexy

Breast mastopexy is the lifting of the breast. A breast lift can be combined with the insertion of an implant, a breast reduction or as a stand alone procedure to lift the breast and reduce the appearance of sagging of the breast tissue. During pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, the breasts distend with milk causing the fibrous bands which support the breast to break down. This also results in the stretching of the skin. When the breasts subsequently shrink, the breasts are unsupported and droop. Cycles of weight gain and weight loss and the ageing process can also have the same effect. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an operation to enlarge the breasts and to improve their shape. This surgery can help restore volume after weightloss or pregnancy, or if an individual feels their breasts are too small. In cases where one breast is much larger than the other, breast augmentation can help create greater symmetry.

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Breast Reduction

A breast reduction makes the breasts smaller, by the removal of fat, breast tissue and skin.

Usually an uplift is performed at the same time to fill out the inner and upper parts of the breasts if they have become empty or hollow. The nipples are lifted and the breasts are reshaped to form smaller breasts.

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Breast Reconstruction

A variety of techniques are available for reconstruction of the breast mound after breast cancer surgery.

Factors which influence the choice of reconstructive technique are: the type of mastectomy which has been performed, the size and shape of the unaffected breast, whether radiotherapy has been used in the affected breast and the body shape and medical history of the patient.